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NEW Tough Power DPS G PSU Series from Thermaltake

Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 1050W

Tough Power DPS G PSU Series Available in

650W / 750W / 850W / 1050W

Looking for the ultimate PC power efficiency? The new Digital Power Supply (DPS) G Series from Thermaltake is the perfect fit. With in-built Micro Controller Unit, the DPS G is a next generation power supply that allows you to monitor voltage, wattage and power levels like never before. With the capacity to store, analyse and record six hour quantitative database sessions as well as view live statistics and information – you get more deep reaching information and efficiency readings than ever before. We’re taking things to the next level with the revolutionary DPS G Series from Thermaltake.

The Thermaltake range of products are available from SMC Computers Pooraka, along with a wide range of computer accessories and services.


Smart DPSApp Software
The in-built DPSApp software allows you to digitally monitor and calculate your computer’s electricity usage and costs by analysing the efficiency, wattage and voltage of the power supply through our new DPS technology. If you’re already using our DPS G Power Supply - the DPSApp is available for download through the link below:

Download DPSApp

Note: JAVA and Adobe Flash Player are required for using DPSApp.

Calculate your Electricity Cost and Efficiency
Because the bundled software seamlessly digitally calculates your PC’s electricity cost – you get a level of precision and monitoring that’s more helpful and accurate.

Power Consumption, Efficiency, and Voltage Monitoring
The DPSApp software allows you to monitor exactly how much power your PC is using as well as the efficiency of the system when it’s engaging in different activities, such as playing games, browsing the internet, checking email, and so on. Through digital control and adjustment – you get unmatched control and adjustment for efficiency – and can easily monitor just how efficient your systems voltage is running across any scenario.

Share to the Cloud
No boundaries. The bundled DPSApp allows you to easily share your power usage results with friends, colleagues and overlocker’s. Tout your system’s dominance – and prove it online. The DPSApp has built-in and easy access integration for sharing your data on Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo, or by sending reports via e-mail.

Quantitative Data Management
You can organize and save databases of your usage patterns – allowing you to order, review and detail every test and situation you put your PC under. Each database can record up to six hours of usage – more than enough time to test out bench-marking, gaming and extreme overclocking.

Digital Fan Control
The DPSApp software also allows you to monitor and adjust the fan speed of the computer’s power supply in either silent or performance mode – so if you’re watching a movie late at night and want everything to be quiet, it’s now easier than ever before to have a silent PC.

100% 105°C Japanese Electrolytic Capacitors
The Toughpower DPS G series features 105oC/221oF Japanese brand capacitors, which greatly improves the durability offering the highest stability and reliability in the world.

80 PLUS Gold-certified and Haswell-ready
Our Toughpower DPS G Power Supply with DPSApp Software delivers between 87%-92% efficiency under real-world load conditions, promising the lowest power losses. In addition, the DPS G Series has been optimized to work with Intel’s new fourth-generation Haswell processors to achieve maximum energy savings.

Buy with Confidence
The Toughpower DPS G Series is built with industry leading quality control and specifications. This product includes state of the art Over Voltage control and Short-Circuit protection.

Massive and Dedicated +12V Output
The Toughpower DPS G series is equipped with a powerful single +12V rail – allowing you to run almost any configuration imaginable off of one rail.

Fully Modular Cable Design
The fully modular cabling design allows you to use only those cables you need, resulting in optimal airflow and a significant reduction in system clutter. There’s no need to have extra cabling that you don’t need filling up important space.

NEW Tough Power DPS G PSU Series from ThermaltakeNEW Tough Power DPS G PSU Series from Thermaltake

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