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computer repairs

When it comes to our computers we all want them to work, and work right. Unfortunately, the electronic components that make up a Personal Computer are prone to failure, and they always seem to fail at the time that we need them most. Getting a friend or relative over to fix your computer may sound like the ideal cheap solution but is it really? There are some very "obvious" reasons why they fail, but there are also many not so obvious reasons why they fail, and if you get it wrong, it can work out very expensive. If you computer stops working, Ask yourself "What has changed since the last time this computer worked properly?" Every troubleshooting session should begin with this all-important question. If you don't know the answer, or the answer does'nt lead to a solution, here are some tips that may get you up and running and save you a lot of money.

  1. Is there power?
  2. Is the malfunctioning computer or peripheral plugged in and turned on?
  3. Is there power at the wall outlet?
  4. Is your surge board working? If you have had a power outage, the board could be tripped and needing to be reset.
  5. Are the necessary cables properly connected?
  6. Are cables running to and from the proper ports and connectors?
  7. Are they firmly seated and securely fastened? Check them one by one.
  8. If your computer is on but won't boot, did you leave a disk in drive A?
  9. Is your monitor on, but blank? Check the brightness and contrast controls; are they on the darkest settings?
  10. If you type at the keyboard and nothing happens, is the keyboard securely plugged in? Is it locked?

If you have checked all of the above, and your computer is still not working, you may have a more serious internal problem. If you are not sure how to do your own computer repairs, it might just be more cost effective to bring your computer in to us to take a look at it. Here at Smc Computers, we can offer you a free no obligation quote, to get your computer working right again.

Have a problem with your computer, and don't know what to do? Well why not bring it in to us.

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