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second hand computer

For cost conscious beginners and even intermediates, the fastest and the shiniest, may sound impressive, but the truth is for those of us performing functions such as word processing, e-mail and spreadsheets a slightly slower budget system is ample, and lets face it, Not everyone can afford to lash out and spend hundreds of hard earned dollars on a bright shiny New Computer.

Here at SMC Computers, we often have second hand computers, that have been discarded by their previous owners, that have decided to upgrade to a newer computer system. Quite often these systems still have a lot of life left in them, and are quite sufficient for surfing the web, printing documents, listening to music or to watch movies.

Each Second hand Computer, is cleaned and checked over. Any faulty parts are removed, and replaced, by other second hand components, that are in working order, and the system is bench tested. A small fee is then applied, to cover our time, and cost of any parts used, and the Computer is then offer for sale.

When we do have Second hand computers, that are sale-able, we will list them here.


Free CRT Monitors

We often have available, various second hand CRT Monitors of various brands and sizes, that we are happy to give away for Free.

Call, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or drop into our store to inquire about availability of these Free monitors.






Second Hand monitor

Second Hand monitor

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